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Businesscard holder "Magnetic"

Product no.: P-BHMB
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You can place your business card holder on a desired position on your advertising display for example bannerstands

Feel free to place your business card holder on any area of the print of your advertising display for an optimal presentation. It can be attached easily to retractable bannerstands, exhibition displays and pop-up displays. The business card holder is equipped with two strong magnetic discs and can be mounted to any banner material. The acrylic boxes are available in the size of 10 x 5,5 x 1,5cm.

Technical details

Used for
Indoor, retractable bannerstands, bannerdisplays, exhibition and pop-up displays
Special features
Two strong magnetic discs for attaching the holder from the back

Format: business cards with max. width 9cm

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 0.1 kg
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