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Outdoorflag "Edge" + digitalprint + bag

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Product contents

1x Outdoor-Flag "Edge"
1x cross foot
1x water bag
1x Sublimation print
2x Bag
The outdoorflag "Edge" is a rectangular flag which can be ordered in different heights. It resembles a flag pole.

The outdoor flag "Edge" is a rectangular flag, it is easy to transport and usable for mobile advertising. The Squareflag comes with a foldable cross base made of aluminum and a poly bag. This can be filled with sand or water when used outdoors and serves to stabilize the crossfoot. A spike flag base is also available on request. In both variants the flag can turn in the wind.

The "Edge" is available in the sizes S, M, and L. The delivery includes the print, the cross base with a poly bag (or optional earth spike) and 2 carrying bags.

Technical details

Used for
Indoor and Outdoor

Set up

The setup is also possible for inexperienced users within a short time without further tools. The poles are inserted one by one in size, then apply the print over it. Tight the printed flag fabric by hook it into the cross-leg with the carabiner.
Set up in
app. 5 minutes
Standing size
Edge S: app. 60x242x100cm
Edge M: app. 75x342x100cm
Edge L: app. 85x442x100cm
The foldable cross foot has 4 movable segments, the standing size for this is 100x100cm.
Printing measurements
Edge S: 60x200cm
Edge M: 75x300cm
Edge L: 85x400cm
For details please see our fact sheet.
Print quality
4/0 CMYK sublimation print (file resolution max. 150dpi).
The flag fabric is printed on one side. Their motif appears on the back.
Print media
110g/m² "Flag Tex" Flag fabric, 100% polyester knitted fabric
To create your data file correctly, you will find a PDF template at the point "Print data".


Place the cross-foot on the intended place. When the flag is used outside, put some weight on the cross-base by using the polybag and fill it with water or sand. Attach the black fuse to the white loop at the bottom of the flag fabric. Now insert the thinnest rod into the next, thicker rod, no force required. Insert the 3rd and thickest rod directly into the cross-leg. Now slide the flag over the assembled rods, until the pole is at the end of the hemstitch. Place the tubing construction with the print on the third rod and pull the flag as far as possible towards the cross-foot with a smooth tension. Attach the carabiner on the base foot.
Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is a high priority, please order a proof. This allows you to counteract color variations and customize them in your file.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 4.5 kg
Shipping costs: click here
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