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Brochure Holder "Zig Zag" Wood

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Brochure holder "ZigZag" is an elegant and foldable information holder made from aluminium and is set up within seconds

An elegant material interplay of an aluminum brochure holder system and wooden storage trays. "Zig Zag" is a foldable brochure holder, which makes it easy and space-saving for transport. It can be fold up within seconds to a DIN A4 size flat piece (and vice versa), that can easily be transported in the included case. The brochure stand has 6 wooden storage trays, 3 on each side, for leaflets, brochures, catalogues, books and magazines up to DIN A4 size.

Technical details

Used for
Set up in
Approx. 1 minute
Standing size
Special features
- 6 wooden trays made for DIN A4 brochures
- Foldable
- Stable and secure stand
- Can be stocked from both sides

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Weight per unit: 9 kg
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