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Sticker "Classic" fixed formats - design online - SOLD OUT

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Sticker "Classic" with online design for indoor and outdoor use as sets in DIN formats. Design and order your sticker online

Sticker "Classic" in the common DIN formats. Design your sticker directly in our online shop with text, color and images to upload. Ideal for simple motifs, e.g. B. to provide information or to include notes with symbols.

To do this, select the desired design of your sticker and click on "Design now". Place your text in the white field, choose font and color. The two text blocks can each be colored, enlarged and rotated. You can also upload your picture, logo and motifs. Your entry will now be transferred directly to the shopping cart and is ready for production.

You will receive your sticker in the desired size, individually cut to the chosen dimension. Upload your print design once and we will print your sticker according to the selected set size.

The self-adhesive film "Classic" is an all-rounder and is suitable for short to medium-term advertising measures indoors and outdoors and can be removed for up to a year.

Technical details

Used for
Suitable for indoor and outdoor signage, for window decorations, applications on flat surfaces for promotional campaigns, sales points and advertising.
Individually punched on a roll.
Print quality
High quality, environmentally friendly latex print with 600dpi
Special features
removable for up to 1 year
Monomer Vinyl
Up to 3 years indoors.
Outside, depending on the amount of sunlight and installation location, a maximum of 2 years In the extreme case 1 year, e.g. when mounted flat on a roof.
Removable adhesive, transparent, acrylic-based
Foil: 95 µm
Backing paper: 125g / m²

good to know

The pasting must generally be carried out by specialists. Full gluing on panes made of laminated glass must not be carried out as this can lead to glass breakage. only partial foiling up to max. 50% of the glass surface is recommended. These details are only guidelines and recommendations, not binding statements. If you have any questions, you can also call us.
The sticker print can be wiped off with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Normal cleaning agents should not be used for cleaning.

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