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Cardboard cutouts - custom size

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Product contents

1x Cardboard with cutouts
1x Cardboard easel
Cardboard figure with your desired size, die-cut with print according to your template. High-quality and environmentally friendly UV direct printing

Your advertising as a cardboard display . Create

  • Your colleagues as a cardboard figure

  • Your product as a form-cut cardboard stand

  • the main characters for the cinema premiere as a double for the guests

  • or your childhood comic heroes for the next company anniversary

Choose your desired format up to a width of 100cm and a height of up to 200cm. The stand is folded in the middle when the longest side reaches more than 100cm. We print the cardboard figure on sturdy and environmentally friendly cardboard . The back support is fixed with the help of Velcro and can therefore be removed if necessary (e.g. for transport). It also gives the figuere a stable stand.

These unusual advertising measures are ideal for indoor areas such as at trade fairs, in the theater, in shopping centers or train stations.

In the accessories you will find another option with the Adjustable rigid strut to use the stand individually.

Rectangular cardboard stands can be found at Cardboard displays .

Important: Please note that the technical feasibility of a maximum width of 110cm is shown in the data sheet. However, shipping by UPS is only possible for the selectable dimensions up to 100cm. Displays with a width over 100cm cannot be sent by us. Feel free to order a shipping company for collection or choose courier delivery within Berlin.

Technical details

Used for
Set up in
Max. 1 minute
Custom sized cutouts
Printing measurements
To create your data you can download our artwork guideline.
Print quality
UV direct print CMYK, UV stable, 600x600dpi, (file resolution max. 150 dpi). Photo realistic at a viewing distance from 1m
Print media
100% FSC certified paper, recyclable, white front and back
Packaging and storage
Please avoid places with heat sources such as heaters or sunlight, because the glue could liquefy and loose the adhesive strenght. We recommend to store the cardboard in a dry place.

good to know

When dismantling, remove the rear support with care in order to avoid breakage.
Oversized order
The cutout will be folded when the longest side reaches 39.3".

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 1 kg
Shipping costs: click here

When will my order arrive?

On each product page, the estimated shipping date and the chosen production time is shown:

Production time: 4 days

Add 1-3 working days for shipping time to the estimated shipping date for the arrival of your order.

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Please note that the estimated shipping date might be delayed due to incorrect or missing printing files. Learn more about order clearance.

General information

Format See artwork guideline
File format PDF
Bleed 3mm to all sides
Crop or trim marks No
Overprinting deactivation necessary
Image resolution 96 - 150dpi for the final format
Fonts Embedded / converted to paths
File upload Automatically after order completion


Color mode CMYK
Color profile ISO Coated v2, Coated Fogra 27
or 39
Spot colors / RGB Will be converted to CMYK
Artwork guideline

Artwork guideline

Please read the specification for this product in the artwork guideline when creating your printing files.

Download artwork guideline

Further questions?

Deep black? Gradients? Proof?
Feel free to consult the filehandling for additional information.


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