Zipper Walls

Zipper Wall textile walls are the latest highlights in the field of large-format trade show displays. The Zipper Wall Display is characterized by a sturdy plug-and-play system that can be effortlessly assembled. After assembly, the textile print is pulled over the Zipper Wall and securely fastened with a zipper at the bottom. The expansive printing surface provides ample space for your advertising and decoration at events and at the point of sale. Zipper Walls are particularly effective at trade shows due to their various shapes and optional reverse-side prints that appeal to trade show attendees and partners. The Zipper Wall Display is available in various models, including the straight versions Zipper Wall 'Straight' and 'Banner,' as well as the curved options Zipper Wall 'Curved,' 'Pano,' and 'Moon.' Printing according to your file is always included in the price.

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