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Request / create an offer

If you are interested in one of our products and you need a quote you can create one in our online shop. Click the button „create PDF offer“. For quote requests for several products you can send us an e-mail to [email protected]. If you have a certain delivery date, please note in your request.

How to order?

A detailed instruction you can find here.

Order by e-mail

You can place in an order online or by e-mail, too. Please note us the exact article name, amount of items, the size, the shipping and billing address, the paying method and, if given, your fixed date for delivery.
E-mail: [email protected].
A service fee of 15 EUR net will be charged for the manual creation of an order and manual checking of the print data.

May I get several motifs / products in one order?

Yes, you can put as many different products and motifs in one order as you wish. They will be shipped together. An order per product is not necessary. If you wish different shipping adresses, please place an order for each shipping adress.

I need my product on a certain date!

On each product page the estimated shipping date is given. The shipping time is additional. The most of our products are optionally available in express production and / or express shipping. Please note your latest delivery date in the comment field in the ordering process to check, if any action is necessary.

What is the status of my order?

After placing your order online you will receive automatically generated e-mails with information about the order status. Under the point „My account“ you can get detailed information via „request order status“.

Production time

On every product page the regular production time will be shown (e.g. 4 or 7 business days, Mon-Fri). Many products are optionally available in express production. Please mind, the delivery time is additional here.

Change of your order

If you want to change something in your order (e.g. shipping method, payment method, shipping or billing address) please send us an e-mail stating your order number to [email protected]. Depending on the progress changes are possible.

Different manufacturing

On each product page, depending on product, you can select different options. For banners you can select and enter different manufacturing on the product page (e.g. 3cm hemstitch on one side). Special manufacturing requests will be checked for feasibility and we will send you a new order confirmation. You can also request not bindingly in advance at [email protected].

Print confirmation and order clarification

Order clarification means that your printing data are confirmed to go to print, resp. were sent ready to print, and the payment is approved(credit card, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or invoice payment has been checked and released). If order clarification is given until 4pm the production starts the following business day (Mon-Fri), for Same Day production order clarity has to be given until 12pm. If order clarification is given later the shipping date might postpone. For more information, please click here.


We want you to be pleased with our products and services.
Contrary to all expectations , if there is cause for complaint, we request the following procedure: Please send us an e-mail with the defect description and your order number to [email protected]. If given, please note your date for the latest possible delivery.
Photos are very important: Please take a photo of the whole product and a close up of the default. A comparison is ideal. For size comparison you can place a coin next to the defective spot or for colour comparison a white paper. We will handle your complaint with priority and contact you as fast as possible.

Can I order private (as a private person)?

The sale occurs to companies, legal persons of public law or special assets under public law according to von § 310 Absatz 1 BGB. The sale to private persons is not possible.


Differences between retractable banner stands

The retractable banner stands differentiate among others in the size of the printing area, the cartridge, the weight and the printed materials. Depending on kind and time of use, event and design preferences, available space and budget there are various retractable banner stand models and qualities to choose from. Here you'll find all our retractable banner stands. Feel free to call us for a no-obligation consultation at +49 (0)30 34 50 679 0 (Mon-Fri 09 am-12 pm & 13-15 pm).

Differences between PVC and mesh banners

PVC banners are classic advertising banners made of firm and even material, which is commonly known as truck tarpaulins. The Mesh material banner has approx. 1mm big, evenly distributed hole, which reminds grid structure and gives the banner a higher air permeability. The meshed banner is recommended when used in higher wind loaded places like bridges, scaffolds, construction sites and other free standing places of use, because the material structure lowers the wind load. Both materials are B1 certified (fire safety classification, which is mandatory on many indoor events) and can be custom manufactured. You can select different options on the product page. If you wish for a lighter material, you can also find fabric and textile banners in our online shop.

What is the difference between standard and premium banner printing?

The standard printing is especially suitable when the banner will be used for scaffold covering, advertising on buildings and houses, logo illustration etc. The printing quality is 300x300 dpi (dots per inch). When the viewing distance is 2m or more the viewer gets a photorealistic impression. The premium printing is high-resolution, because it is printed with 720x720 dpi. It is also photorealistic in close range and ideal for detailed graphics and photos.

Double cut stickers

If possible do not place small fonts / texts, logos or fine lines in the cutting area. We produce your sticker with a 5mm overlap. While attaching you can make a double cut between the two adhesive parts to ensure an accurate overall picture.

How to make a double cut:

1. First you attach the first part of your sticker on the wished surface. Then attach the other sticker part with a 5mm overlap to the first to make a fitting overall motif.
2. Now make a cut along the middle of the overlap (dividing both foils) with the help of a cutter and a cutting ruler.
3. Now you can take off the cut sticker strip of the top sticker from the lower adhesive.
4. Detach the upper sticker a few millimetre at the cut line and remove the small cut strip of the lower sticker, too.
5. Stick the (peeled off a few millimetre in the last step) upper sticker back to the surface and run a squeegee along the cut line. The printed sticker parts should result in a homogeneous motif.


Swatch material

If you wish to see our offered materials in advance, e.g. to check the structure or colour intensity, you can send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will send you the requested printed swatch materials for free via mail.

When and how do the colours change?

To all printings a permanent chemical process occurs, which leads to colour changes. Also UV radiation has influence on the printed material. This also includes displays, banners and stickers used indoors (e.g. shop window or window) and red will become magenta by time for example.
Also printing and technical features are subject to a certain tolerance in the production process. That‘s why reprints and new printings, which were made later, appear different than the original colours and differ from the first print. These factors are especially important for exhibition displays, when single strips are ordered. If the colour compatibility is of high priority, we recommend to order a proof in advance. This allows you to counteract colour values and adjust them in your file, if necessary.

Proof / preprint

To check the colour reproduction of your file, you can order a preprint in advance. We recommend a proof especially for same motifs, colours and/or photos, which should be printed on different materials. If you need a certain colour, we recommend a colour chart. For that you can create a file with different variants of a colour shade (e.g. small squares with the corresponding CMYK values). An example you can find here (PDF). The preprint is offered in DIN A3 format (29.7x42cm). Please note that the shipping date of your original order postpones.

Colour conversion

Special and spot colours like Pantone, RAL, HKS and real gold and silver shades are not possible in digital printing. They will be converted, resp. simulated, automatically to CMYK. We can give no guarantee for colour deviations caused by conversion.
Please note that special colours are never 100% accurate in digital printing. If colour accuracy is of high priority, we recommend a preprint in advance.


Shipping costs / shipping types

All informationen can be found here.

Shipping date / delivery date

The displayed (estimated) shipping date is the date on which your order will be handed over to the delivery company. It does not state the date of delivery. The shipping time adds according to chosen shipping type (e.g. UPS Standard or UPS Express Saver). All information for shipping and shipping costs you can find here.

Several Shipping addresses

Please place an order for each shipping address.

Change billing and / or shipping address

Please inform us about changes in good time and stating your order number only to [email protected]. Changing the shipping address when paying method „PayPal“ was selected is not possible.

Neutral shipping

Of course you can state that you wish a (sender) neutral shipping when ordering. Then you will be declared on the shipping label as well as on the delivery note as sender. Alternatively you can send us your delivery note and order number to [email protected] before shipping.

Track shipping via UPS

We ship with UPS. On the homepage https://www.ups.com/de/en/Home.page?loc=en_DE you can track your package with the tracking number we will send you by e-mail before handing over to shipping.

Pick up

With the selected shipping method Pickup, your order will be ready for pickup on the designated " shipping date" to 3 pm (for SameDay production to 16:30). You will receive the notification by e-mail. Please wait for our notification.


Paying methods

You can chose between the payment methods invoice (after audit), PayPal, credit card, Sofortüberweisung (direct online payment when placing order online) and payment when pick up (cash or with debit card or credit card).
For more information please click here.

Invoice and invoice request

Easily you can order on invoice request. The invoice audit takes 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri). Therefore the shipping date postpones. The audit is made on the basis of the available information about your company structure (p.r.n. via Creditreform Hamburg).

Orders with billing and / or shipping addresses abroad

The payment for a billing address abroad is only possible with advance payment or credit card. The shipping costs cannot be calculated by the online shop automatically. The actual shipping costs will be calculated after ordering and the invoice total will be corrected and send to you. Please note: it might be required that for deviations between billing and shipping address the order has to be taxed depending on the specific requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via [email protected].


When you create an account you can assign to a customer group. If your company is an advertising agency or a graphic office you can assign to “Reseller” (Wiederverkäufer). If you are a public or social institution like a public authority or an incorporated society you can assign to “Public institution” or “Social institution”.
After registration (when you are logged in) the discounted prices are shown automatically in the online shop.
If none of the groups fit to your company, please select the customer group “Normal”.
The selected customer group (price group) will be audited when you place an order according to the available information. Discounts might be dropped if the selected customer group is not applicable with the available information. We will inform you if there are any changes. For more information, please click here.

Printing data and file check

Printing file creation service

If you do not have the possibility to create your printing file we can offer you on request a graphic service to create your printing motif for your ordered products.

For that we need the following information sent to [email protected] stating your order number:
- a draft / sketch (e.g. as word document) concerning the look and arrangement incl. font, font type and colours as code
- logos, photos and / or graphics, if needed for your motif
- completion date of your order

Our graphic office will contact and inform you about the costs. If you accept the quotation we will adjust your order and send you the actualised order confirmation. Of course you can request an appraisal for the expenditure in advance. The production start and handover for shipping will postpone according to data supply. After order processing we will send your your created file..

File handling

For more information please click here.

File check

For more information please click here.

File upload

For more information please click here.

How can I release my data for print?

If you wish to release your defective file (e.g. low resolution) for printing, you can send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your order number and your written release. We cannot accept file releases by telephone.

Will I get a view for file release?

When your printing file has been checked printable, we will not send you a view file or a release PDF. Your file goes directly to print to meet the delivery date.

How long do you save my printing data?

The printing data you sent us to process your order will be saved up to 6 months. Then they will be deleted. If you wish us to save your data longer or to delete earlier, please notice us by stating your order number via [email protected]. You can also order a data CD for 4.50 EUR net.