Modular displays with print

Modular exhibition displays enables to more possibilities to use your presentation space for your advertising at POS, events, exhibitions, conventions or for promotions and campaigns in stores. The parts of the display system are modular and movable. They can be positioned and set up individually. So the exhibition display can be used as a coherent advertising display or it can be arranged to build separated spaces or to function as room divider. The height of the particular roll down banners of the Aero system can be set customly. In addition the exhibition display “Aero” can optionally be extended as desired. The “Expo Wall” consists of several custom printed panels which will be put on the construction. The standing modular display will be angled and therefore can be used fitting to your place of presentation. According to your wish you can choose between different sizes for the modular displays. All displays include custom printing of your motif file.

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