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Expo Lightbox single sided

Product no.: DS-6320
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Product contents

1 package contains:
1x Expo Lightbox single sided
Lightboxes enable you to change the display material easily whenever desired. 25 mm Snap Frames with mitred corners. The backplate is 1,5 mm opaque plexi. 1 mm anti-reflex APET cover. Aluminium box with is 100 mm. 230V.

The Lightbox "Expo Lightbox" is an onesided frame which has a 25mm quick changing frame. The corners are cutted to miter.

The frame can be hung in landscape format as well as and in portrait format.

There is an anti-reflex APET cover to protect your print.

the illuminated frame works with 230V power.

Technical details

Used for
Set up in
Max. 5 minutes
Standing size
Postersize DIN A1: 62,4x87,1x10cm

Postersize 50x70cm: 53x73x10cm
Printing measurements
Artwork size:
DIN A1 (59.4x84.1cm)

Poster not included, can be ordered separately.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 3.5 kg
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