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Reprint Zipper Wall "Banner"

Product no.: ND-ZWB80200-S
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Production time: 7 days

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Reprint for Zipper Wall "Banner" exhibition wall. You can order cheap replacement prints here. "Zipper Wall" purchased from us. The digital printing takes place according to your file template on an opaque textile.

Reprint for exhibition wall "Zipper Wall". You can order cheap replacement prints here. "Zipper Wall" purchased from us. The digital printing takes place according to your file template on an opaque textile. The production is completely printed and assembled.

Technical details

use for
Construction time
Ca. 10 mins
Printing dimensions

File resolution and print resolution

"dpi" stands for Dots Per Inch and describes the resolution that your print file should have for an ideal result for the respective product.
For example, the value 600x600dpi relates to the vertical and horizontal resolution of the printer and thus indicates its quality. It is usually higher than the file resolution.
Print quality
Sublimation printing (file resolution max. 150dpi)

B1 Zertifikat

B1 certified material is flame retardant and is required, for example, at some trade fairs and events.
Print medium
Decorative textile stretch, white, approx. 230g / m², B1
Packaging, storage
Store in a dry place
Bleed allowance
You can find all information on file creation in our artwork guideline at tab print data.

Good to know

The print can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth without detergent.
Color deviations
If you want to check the color rendering, we recommend a test print on the selected material.Weitere Infos zum Thema Farbe.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 2 kg
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When will my order arrive?

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Production time: 7 days

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General information

Format See artwork guideline
File format PDF
Bleed 4 cm to all sides
Crop or trim marks No
Overprinting deactivation necessary
Image resolution 96 - 150dpi for the final format
Fonts Embedded / converted to paths
File upload Automatically after order completion


Color mode CMYK
Color profile ISO Coated v2, Coated Fogra 27
or 39
Spot colors / RGB Will be converted to CMYK
Artwork guideline

Artwork guideline & templates

Please read the specification for this product in the artwork guideline when creating your printing files.

Download artwork guideline

Further questions?

Deep black? Gradients? Proof?
Feel free to consult the filehandling for additional information.

Design Template

The artwork guideline you can find at tab print data

Template to create your print data for exhibition display Zipper Wall Banner in the selected variant:

[Download PDF exhibition display zipper wall]


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