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RollUp "Expo" incl. print + bag

Product no.: DS-4540-S2
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Product contents

1x Roll-Up Display
1x Digitalprint with protection
1x Bag

Roll-Up "Expo", one-sided. This roll-up is very solid and made of silver anodised aluminium, strong construction

The RollUp "Expo" has a maximum height of 225cm for the visible printed motif. The banner display has a folding bar with an included telescopic part. The system cassette is made of silver anodised aluminum and is robust and stable.

The printed material is fixed at the top at a clamping bar. The retractable banner stand will be shipped in a black padded carrying bag.

Technical details

Used for

Set up

The set up is also possible for inexperienced users within a short time without further tools. The rollup is delivered ready assembled. A neutral instruction manual is included in the RollUp and our data sheet.
Set up in
max. 1 minute
Standing size
standing size WxHxD:
56x225cm: 63x235x24cm
83x225cm: 90x235x24cm
96x225cm: 103x235x24cm
116x225cm: 123x235x24cm
150x225cm: 157x235x24cm
200x225cm: 207x235x24cm

closed size WxHxD:
56x225cm: 63x8x24cm
83x225cm: 90x8x24cm
96x225cm: 103x8x24cm
116x225cm: 123x8x24cm
150x225cm: 157x8x24cm
200x225cm: 207x8x24cm
Printing measurements
56x225cm, 83x225cm, 96x225cm, 116x225cm, 150x225cm, 200x225cm
Print quality
Digital print CMYK, UV stable, latex, 720x720dpi (file resolution max. 150dpi)
Print media
Size 56x225cm, 83x225cm, 96x225cm, 116x225cm:
without B1: 215µ/m² polypropylene (opaque), grey backside, with matt protective laminate (scratch resistant)

with B1: Polyester 290g/m², grey backside, BlockOut,
scratch resistant, B1 (fire protection)

Size 150x225cm, 200x225cm.
with and without B1: Frontlit 500g/m², B1 (fire protection)


Please always store and transport your RollUp "Expo" in the carrying bag and cardboard box to prevent bumps and scratches. Set up your Bannerdisplay regularly, approximately every 3 months for a few hours. If the material is rolled too long, it will curl backwards at the sides. If it is built up sometimes it will keep smooth.
Packaging and storage
Please avoid places with heat sources such as heaters or sunlight, because the glue could liquefy and loose the adhesive strenght.
The cassette is made of anodized aluminum with silver caps on the sides.
Please create your print data without trim, bleed and crop marks. You will find all information in our data sheet.

good to know

Cartridge feed
Please be careful with the digital print while rolling down. The digital print should not rub against the side caps. Otherwise the print could be damaged.
Wipe the print surface with a soft cloth and water, please do not use detergents.
Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is a high priority, please order a proof. This allows you to counteract color variations and customize them in your file.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 6.5 kg
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