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Rollup "Care" (hygiene protection)

Product no.: HYG-RUC-85200
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Product contents

1 package contains:
1x retractable banner stand "Care"
1x carry bag (not padded)
RollUp "Care" is a mobile hygiene protection system with a glossy, transparent polyester film, quick setup, immediate shipping

The RollUp "Care" is a mobile hygiene protection system. We now offer our popular RollUp "Classic Premium" with a glossy, transparent polyester film to be used in smaller rooms or between two cash registers, counters and customers as a spit and hygiene protection without restricting the view.

The banner display can be selected in three different widths and two heights.

The polyester film is not printed. This product is only produced blank. It is attached to a clamping rail on the upper side, which simplifies a replacement by a printed motif. All other banner stand materials can also be used here. The system has a folding bar to fix the material, as well as rotating feet for a secure stand. A black transport bag is included in the offer. The retractable banner stand can be stored comapct in the cartridge.

Technical details

Used for
Set up in
Max. 1 minute
Standing size
WxHxD for size 85x200cm:
Approx. 88.5x209x30cm

Closed size:
Approx. 93x13x13cm

The pole is a 3-part folding rod and not height-adjustable.
Printing measurements
Print quality
No printing available
Special features
A 3° angle of inclination to the front or back is in the technical range of tolerance.
Packaging and storage
Please avoid places with heat sources such as heaters or sunlight
Polyester film: 190µ, glossy, transparent, scratch resistant

The cassette is made of anodized aluminum with black aluminum caps on the sides and on the base feet.

good to know

Cartridge feed
Handle slow and carefull at everytime. To avoid damages of the foil please pull the print straight out of the cartridge without rubbing the side caps. Also pay attention for disassembly.
The material can be cleaned detergent-free with a soft cloth and water.

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Weight per unit: 4 kg
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