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Snap rail set "Care" (hygiene protection)

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Snap rail set „Care“ - the hanging spit protection and hygiene protection of transparent foil and rail frames to hang above cash desk, counter or use as wall

The snap rail set "Care" is a hanging spit and hygiene protection. It is ideal for the use at cash desks, at counters and bars as well as partition wall to separate areas and divide them. Thanks to the transparent foil the visibility will be kept while the contact between customers and colleagues can be kept more hygienic.

The snap rail set "Care" consists of the snap rail system "Circle Line", a transparent polyester foil and steel ropes for mounting. It can be hung to the needed height from the ceiling. Choose the width fitting the width of the area to be protected and length according to your ceiling height.

The scope of delivery includes the two snap rails, the upper rail has two variable hanging eyelets, the foil in the chosen format and the hanging set. The polyester film is not printed. This product is only produced blank. By the easy handling of the rail frame system the foil can be exchanged easily by a motif printing to use the product for advertising or decoration.

Technical details

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Polyester film: 190µ, glossy, highly transparent, scratch resistant, wipeable

The snap frame is made of 25mm thick aliminium frames with black plastic end caps. Foamed rubber strips attached to the frames offer anti-slip protection and protect the print as well.
Depending on solar radiation and place of installation, in average 2 years

good to know

The material can be cleaned detergent-free with a soft cloth and water.

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