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Water tank for beachflags - SOLD OUT

Product no.: ZBH-WT-4474
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Product contents

1 package consists of:
Water tank for flag systems with bag
Water tank and base for beachflags, Quill, Crest, Edge, Feather. Express delivery is available.

The water tank base fits the beachflags "Drop" and "Wind", "Square". It can be filled with water and sand to weight the outdoor flag. With its equipment the water tank provides more stability against wind load.

After filling the tank, put on the spring suspension that moves and turns in wind. Put the beachflag on the springs pin. To tension the promotion flag you can fix it with the rope at the flag banner and hook it to the spring suspension.

Technical details

Used for
Outdoor and indoor
Standing size
48 x 48 x 39 cm
Special features
Fits beachflags "Drop", "Wind" and "Square"
Packaging and storage
Dry and empty

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Weight per unit: 3.8 kg
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