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Reprint for existing bannerdisplay "Blizzard"

Product no.: Ndrck-Blizzard-S
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Reprint for your existing bannerdisplay "Blizzard". Your artwork will be printed on PVC-material.

Reprint for your existing bannerdisplay "Blizzard". Your artwork will be printed on PVC-material. For displays not bought at our company, we need a technical specification sheet.

Technical details

Used for
indoor and outdoor
Set up in
5 Minutes
Printing measurements
80x190cm, 80x200cm

file resolution and printing resolution

"dpi" is short for Dots Per Inch and describes the recommended resolution your file should have to achieve the best printing result.
600x600dpi refers to the vertical and horizontal resolution of the printer and specifies its quality. It's mostly higher than the file resolution.
Print quality
4/0 CMYK, UV-stable, 600 dpi (file resolution max. 150dpi)

fire protection class B1

B1 certified material is flame retardant and may be mandatory at trade shows, concerts or at certain venues. Please ask the event organizer in advance.
Print media
vinyl material 510g/m² (opaque, scratch resistant), B1 certified (fire retardancy classification), with eyelets in each corner
Depends on intensity of solar radiation and place of installation: in average two years, in maximum four years. In extreme cases one year.

good to know

Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is a high priority, please order a proof. This allows you to counteract color variations and customize them in your file.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 1 kg
Shipping costs: click here
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