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Construction site banner with print

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Product contents

1 package consisting of
1x scaffolding banner
- Printing
scaffold banners with print are matched with the various dimensions to fit perfectly with standard scaffolding, order now.

The construction site banners are formated according to common scaffolds. Your motif will be printed as selected on durable and weatherproof mesh vinyl or frontlit vinyl.
Mesh banners are made of perforated material which is wind permeable and therefore ideal for windy places. PVC banners have an even surface for your motif print.
Both banners can be mounted easily with the hemstitch on top and bottom and with eyelets in each corner.

The materials are B1certified (fire safety classification) so it can be used at indoor events, fairs and concerts, too. Also optimal for construction and building sites or other areas where privacy screens, dust protection and barriers are needed, for instance at festivals or on bridges.

The construction site banner material you can also order as banners in custom formats here: mesh banner and vinyl banner.

Technical details

Used for
Indoor and outdoor
Construction site banners will be produced standardly with hemstitch (12cm diameter) on the top and bottom of the banner and with eyelets in each corner.

To create your printing motif or for special / custom manufacturing please see our artwork guideline.
Please note: If you opt for a different manufacturing the standard manufacturing expires.
Printing measurements
65x405cm, 200x205cm, 250x205cm, 250x100cm


"dpi" means Dots Per Inch and describes for each product the resolution your print data should have for an ideal result
for example: a value of 600x600 dpi concerns to the vertical and horizontal resolution of the print and specifies the quality, which is mostly higher than the data resolution.
Print quality
Digital print CMYK, UV stable, 600x600dpi (File resolution max. 150 dpi)

B1 material

B1 is a fire safety classification certificate and describes the fire retardancy of the material, which is mandatory for many events and trade shows.
Print media
As selected:
- 290g/m² Mesh PVC, B1
- 510g/m² Frontlit PVC, B1
Packaging and storage
The banner will be delivered rolled.
Storage and transportation is (if possible) just rolled recommended.

When the banner is folded during transportation and storage can result in creases and wrinkles. This can be minimized by a smooth and tight tension on all sides by the time.
Depends on solar radiation and place of installation: in average 2 years, max. 4 years. In extreme cases, e.g. installation on a flat roof 1 year.

good to know

We recommend to mount the banner with rubber hooks or expander rope, which are available as accessories in the shop. Cable ties or cords are not recommended due to lack of elasticity, eyelets may rip out.
The print surface can be cleaned detergent-free with a soft cloth and water.
Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is of high priority, please order a proof. This allows you to counteract color values and adjust them in your file, if necessary.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 2 kg
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