Free filecheck

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We check your data as a free service for the following aspects:

  • Size and format
  • DPI file resolution of images
    Please consult the artwork guidelines for each product for individual DPI recommendation

  • Quantitiy and assignment of printing files


What we don't check:

  • Spelling
    Please reread your content (spelling of your text)

  • Spot colors Pantone, HKS and RAL
    Spot colors will be converted automatically to CMYK. Changing colours aren't provided in this service, but to check please feel free to order a proof beforehand

  • Sharpness, contrast, clarity of pictures and graphics
    An optical check will not take place

  • Overprinting
    Please deactivate overprinting to avoid errors in the printing process


The file check is not binding. It's a free service we offer for your (online) order. You'll be informed by e-mail if we find any errors.
Feel free to order a proof online if exact colours are important.