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Pop-Up Display "Tower" with print

Product no.: POPUPTWR-S
Price per unit 399.00 €
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Production time in our house + runtime of UPS

Production time: 4 days

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Product contents

1x Pop-up display "Tower"
3x digital printing
1x bag for system
Pop-up display is set up within seconds and converts into an impressive tall stage for your advertising which will be seen from all sides

This round pop-up display is set up within seconds and converts into an impressive 2.25m tall stage for your advertising which will be seen from all sides.
Being already put together upon delivery, the matte black aluminium frame is pulled up easily and no tools are required for assembly. Nine vertically attached magnetic rails enable an easy mounting of the three prints. The frame is not visible from the front since the printing material is highly opaque.
Three additional mountings are installed at the top of the pop-up display which can be used for spotlights (available as accessory). To guarantee safe transportation, there's a sturdy trolley included in this offer which holds the prints and the exhibition frame.

Here you can find the matching spotlight for display "Tower".

Technical details

Used for
Set up in
Approx. 5 minutes
Standing size
Pop-up display without spotlights
Printing measurements
Total (flat): 201.6x223.6cm
Sheets: 3 sheets each 67.2x223.6cm

Data resolution and print resolution

"dpi" means Dots Per Inch and describes for each product the resolution your print data should have for an ideal result
for example: a value of 600x600 dpi concerns to the vertical and horizontal resolution of the print and specifies the quality, which is mostly higher than the data resolution.
Print quality
4/0 CMYK, UV-resistant, 600x600 dpi (file resolution max. 150dpi)

B1 certificate

B1 is a fire safety classification certificate and describes the fire retardancy of the material, which is mandatory for many events and trade shows.
Print media
Print media without B1
Pop-Up material 320g/m² (opaque), with matt protective laminate (scratch resistant)

Print media with B1
Pop-Up material 360g/m² (opaque), with matt protective laminate (scratch resistant)
Matte black powder-coated aluminum
To create your data you can download our artwork guideline.

good to know

The installation should be done on perfectly even ground, otherwise the sheets will be slightly under tension which may lead to undulations and an offset of height.

Text, logos and lines on exhibition sets

Elements like small texts, logos and fine lines should not be placed in the area of the panel edges. The display motif is made of several print strips. A neatless transition cannot be guaranteed. If mounted incorrect or placed on an uneven floor there might be an offset.
Sheet transition
We recommend to place no important graphic elements in the sectional areas of the sheets. The magnetic stripes will be manufactured backsided and are not visible at the front.
Colour deviation
If color accuracy is of high priority, we recommend a proof / preprint. The proof will be printed on an 1:1 cutout in size DIN A3 on the original material. This allows you to counteract color variations and adjust them in your file if necessary.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 17 kg
Shipping costs: click here

When will my order arrive?

On each product page, the estimated shipping date and the chosen production time is shown:

Production time: 4 days

Add 1-3 working days for shipping time to the estimated shipping date for the arrival of your order.

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Please note that the estimated shipping date might be delayed due to incorrect or missing printing files. Learn more about order clearance.

General information

Format See artwork guideline at print data
File format PDF
Bleed no
Crop or trim marks No
Overprinting deactivation necessary
Image resolution 96 - 150dpi for the final format
Fonts Embedded / converted to paths
File upload Automatically after order completion
Single sheets The exhibition wall is composed of individual sheets so there is no seamless transition - we recommend not to place important elements (logos / text) on the intersections of the sheets


Color mode CMYK
Color profile ISO Coated v2, Coated Fogra 27
or 39
Spot colors / RGB Will be converted to CMYK
Artwork guideline

Artwork guideline & templates

Please read the specification for this product in the artwork guideline when creating your printing files.

Download artwork guideline

Further questions?

Deep black? Gradients? Proof?
Feel free to consult the filehandling for additional information.

Design Template

The artwork guideline you can find at tab print data

Template to create your print data for exhibition display Curved Tower:

[Download PDF exhibition display]


Weight per unit: 0.1 kg
9.90 € *
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
+ 19% VAT delivery to Germany 
+ shipping
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