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Retractable Banner Double Outdoor + print

Product no.: C-RUO-85200-S
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Product contents

1x Retractable banner
2x Digitalprint
1x Bag

Retractable Banner „Double Outdoor“ is ideal for your outdoor presentation. For higher wind speed. Make it weather-proof! We would recommend to use the included ground spikes.

The retractable banner stand "Double Outdoor" is ideal for your outdoor presentation. Now it is posiible to use a retractable banner stand outdoors thanks to the sturdy material of the print and system. Two feet and a heavy cartridge gives the outdoor display the needed resistance against average wind speeds and weather. For higher wind speed we recommend to use the included ground spikes.

The retractable banners can be printed with different motifs on the front and back side or one motif on both sides. We print according to your print data after our free data check.

The set up of the banner is very easy without any tools. For transport the print can be stored safely in the cartridge. A carrying bag is included in the offer.

Technical details

Used for
Outdoor and indoor
Set up in
5 minutes
Standing size
WxHxD approx. 92x213x82cm

The rod is a 3-part folding rod (not height-adjustable)
Printing measurements
Each motif: 85x202cm
Print quality
Digital print CMYK, UV stable, latex, 720x720dpi (file resolution max. 150dpi).

Fire Safety Class B1

B1 certified material is flame retardant and may be mandatory at trade shows, concerts or at certain venues. Please ask the event organizer in advance.
Print media
Your motif on PVC banner material 510g/m² (opaque, scratch resistant), with white backside, B1 certified (fire safety class).
Packaging and storage
Please avoid places with heat sources such as heaters or sunlight, because the glue could liquefy and loose the adhesive strenght.
The cartridge is made of anodized aluminum with black plastic caps on the sides and on the base foot.
To create your data you can download our artwork guideline.

good to know

Cartridge feed
To avoid damages of the prints please pull the prints straight out of the cartridge without rubbing the side caps. Also pay attention for disassembly.
The print can be cleaned detergent-free with a soft cloth and water.
Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is of high priority, please order a preprint. This allows you to counteract color variations and customize them in your file, if necessary.

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