9 easy steps to get your product

We hope you'll enjoy your visit to our onlineshop as much as possible. If you have any questions concerning the ordering process, you'll find a small explanation for all ordering steps.

Darstellung des Bestellablaufs

How it works exactly

1  Choose product and size

Choose a product of your choice in our onlineshop. In most of the cases the product (e.g. roll-up or exhibition display „Curved“) is available in different sizes. Even free dimension inputs such as with banners, poster and stickers are possible.

You can put different products and sizes into basket.

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2  Put into basket

Push the button „put into basket“ for the desired product. Here you can determine how much products you want buy. An article and the net price appears at the top on the right.

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3  Choose payment and delivery method

If you click on your basket, a green arrow with the words „proceed to checkout“ appears. There you can choose your payment and delivery method. Feel free to inform yourself about payment and delivery costs on the relevant sites. There is a possibilty at the checkout to leave a note for your order and the delivery (e.g. a fixed date).

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4  Login or register

If you have not already logged in, this will be the next step. If you are not registered in the onlineshop yet, you can catch up at this point or register here. A registration is necessary to execute the order. Our guidance of data privacy is available here.

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5  Choose delivery adress

In the next step you can declare a different delivery adress if needed. Normally the products will be delivered to the billing address. Please note our instructions for delivery abroad.

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6  Confirm your order

Now a list of your desired products, payment and delivery method, billing, delivery adress and the price appears. You can confirm the order and the general terms and conditions (please confirm by clicking on the checkbox). Here you'll also find futher information, for example our bank account or additional delivery and pick-up information.

After you confirm the order, you will get an eMail with the order confirmation and an order number.

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7  Fileupload (if necessary)

Additional to the order confirmation you‘ll find a datasheet with information for creation of the file of every ordered product. This one is also available for downloading on every product site. After ordering you will be directed to the upload center where you can upload your data and assign them sequentially.

After that all data will be checked by our graphics department for free according to the following criteria (datacheck). You will receive the result of the datacheck via mail. General information for file creation is available at file-handling.

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8  Printing process (if necessary)

If the data is okay, payment and order are clarified (e.g. special manufacturing wishes), we call this order clarity. Then the printing, lamination and manufacturing starts.

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9  Delivery or pickup

If your products are ready to deliver or are ready for pickup, you will get an eMail and a tracking number (UPS delivery).

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Further questions

We enjoy answering all further questions by the hotline 030-34 50 679-0, contactform or via eMail to info@werbecenter-berlin.de.