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Sticker with CMYK digital printing ECO - removable

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Product contents

1 package contains:
1 Sticker "Eco" with digital print
UV-stable and scratch resistant
removable stickers ideal for short term advertising. The sticker is completely removable and easy to strip off.

Your custom motif on self-adhesive foil "Eco" in size of your choice. Printed with 4/0 CMYK.
The stickers are easy to strip off and removable without residue, which makes them ideal for short-term advertising. Usable for in- and outdoor. We offer die cut or kiss cut (additional costs) on request.

Technical details

Used for
Indoor and Outdoor use. For short term activities, only on smooth, flat surfaces.
We will cut to the ordered size.
Printing measurements
max. printing height: 1,4m (shortest side)
max. printing width: 30m (longest side)

The maximum printing width for a rectangular motif and stickers with a cut contour is 1,4m. Up to these values the stickers are produced in one piece. All larger dimensions will be divided according to our data sheet.
Print quality
Digital print, CMYK latex (scratch resistant), 600x600dpi, file resolution max. 150dpi
Print media
Calendered PVC foil, detachable, glue on the backside colored in grey, Roll width 1.6x30m. Your sticker will be divided as described in our data sheet, if the smaller length exceeds 150cm (print width).

Removable without residue, without protective laminate.
Special features
without protecting laminate
3mm on all sides

If you want to use the sticker for a sign board please add 5mm around the final size without crop marks. Please note us in the comment field of order process or via e-mail to
Indoor: up to three years
Outdoor: depends on intensity of solar radiation and place of installation: in average two years, in maximum four years. In extreme cases, e.g. installation on a flat roof, one year.
100µm foil

good to know


Kiss cur / die cut

We can cut around the motif, so the sticker only consists of the motif, without white background. For the contour cut we need a cut contour and bleed. Further information you will fiind in the data sheet.
Kiss cut / die cut
Contour cut is possible, please request charge (depending on quantity) in advance.
Minimum size
The minimum size per piece is 1m². Even if the selection is possible in the shop, please contact us in advance for smaller sizes.
The adhensive foil should be applied by experts. We recommend only a partial application up to max. 50% of the glass surface. When the sticker foil is applied completly on a glass pane you cause a risk of fracture! If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us.
Wipe the print surface with a soft cloth and water, please do not use detergents.

Double cut and sheet transition

Your oversized motif will be delivered divided with a 5mm overlap.
For seamless result, you may decide to double cut your foil mural.
1. Take one piece of your foil and place it.
2. Place the second piece and apply it seamless on the other.
3. Now you can make a single straight razor line in the middle of the 2 overlapping panels.
4. Peel away the excess paper carefully and gently smooth the cut area and the underground.
Sheet transition
For large, divided motifs with 5mm overlap for a double cut.
Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is a high priority, please order a proof. This allows you to counteract color variations and customize them in your file.
Oversized order
If you wish a division at a particular position, please create the data in seperate segments with 5mm overlap at the cutting position and additional 3mm bleed at all sides.

If we do not have any other information, the sticker will be divided by us in optimal separation automatic. It will be delivered in individual parts with standardly 5mm overlap.

Files with contour cut that exceeds the maximum width must already be divided by you and created with bleed and overlap.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 0.25 kg
Shipping costs: click here

1 Photo = 1 Euro

These pictures have been taken by our customers for our donation campaigns for children.
Maybe they are an inspiration four your next advertisement campaign?

Jochen Kaas Consulting

Jochen Kaas Consulting

Jochen Kaas Consulting


Helen Doron Ltd


Helen Doron Ltd


Helen Doron Ltd


Helen Doron Ltd



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