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Textilesticker "Texwalk" with print

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Choose our textile textilsticker "TexWalk" if you want to apply decals on carpeted floor, wooden or vinyl floor, boards, walls.

Choose our textile floor sticker "TexWalk" if you want to apply decals on carpeted floor, wooden or vinyl floor, boards, walls or wallpaper. This floor decal can be used indoors and outdoors for example in foyers, for directions or as advertisement for your company or your products.

Technical details

Used for
floor advertising, signs for direction, e.g. In foyers, museums, shopping malls, events, promotions
Please consider our maximum printing width. Up to 1.30m we will print your motif in one piece. For further information please see the data sheet.
Print quality
Digital print, CMYK latex (scratch resistant), 600x600dpi, file resolution max. 150dpi
Print media
Textile fabric with a textured, white matte vinyl coating. Specially developed for indoor bonding on carpets
Walls and almost all interior surfaces.
Special features
No laminate necessary.
Slip resistance: R12
The lifetime of TexWalk depends on the application
off, especially from the ground and the mechanical
Stress. Our experiences recommend the following:
Floor inside up to 3 months.
Walk outside up to 3 months.
Wall inside up to 36 months.
Outside wall up to 12 months
Permanent Acryl solvent
Thickness 330?

good to know

Kiss cut / die cut
A contour cut / kiss cut is possible depending on form, size and quantity. Please request for additional charge in advance.
Minimum size
The minimum size per piece is 0.5m². Even if the selection is possible in the shop, please contact us in advance for smaller sizes.
The adhensive foil should be applied by experts. We recommend only a partial application up to max. 50% of the glass surfaceto prevent a risk of fracture!
You can wipe the material with a soft rag and a bit water without detergents.
Colour deviation
If the color compatibility is a high priority, please order a proof. This allows you to counteract color variations and customize them in your file.

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Weight per unit: 0.25 kg
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Weight per unit: 0.1 kg
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Weight per unit: 0.1 kg
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Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
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