Sticker for window

Stickers printed in custom size and including print of your motif for advertising at shop window and glass. According to the place of application and preferences you can select from two window stickers: the perforated shop window sticker, which is a see through sticker from inside and the decal that is inside adhesive with motif printed on the adhesive side.

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Windowfilm sticker with print

(Version: No Definition, Size: No Definition, Version:: No Definition, Productionperiod:: 4 Workday)
Windowfilm sticker for advertising on windows, glass, vehicles and busses. In custom size incl. print. See-through by perforation
Weight per unit: 0.25 kg
In stock
22.40 €
+ 19% VAT delivery to Germany 
+ shipping

Sticker "Transparent" with white print - removable

(Version:: without laminate, Productionperiod:: 4 Workday)
Transparent sticker with custom print and in custom size for short-term indoor and outdoor advertising, also express production.
Weight per unit: 0.25 kg
29.90 €
+ 19% VAT delivery to Germany 
+ shipping

Sticker for shop windows

Stickers for shop windows and glass are foils that fit the requirements of use ideally. The perforated foil has small holes and with that the sticker makes it possible to be advertising space and visual cover in one from outside and to keep see through from inside. This decal will be ordered as outdoor-sticker and as sticker for vehicles or as bus sticker. This way passengers can look through and at the same time the mobile advertising is an eye-catcher in the city. For your store or to equip your company building with advertising or corporate identity elements this sticker is well qualified. For more weather protection we have the inside adhesive shop window sticker. The adhesive motif side will be attached from to the window, the back side is white. Your sticker print will be done with your custom motif in the free chosen size.