Luminescence sticker

The fluorescent sticker is perfect for marking escape signs, for decoration, for events or indoor art projects. The pale yellow foil "Luminescence" is activated through UV or artificial light and glows after darkening or turning off the light source. Your printed motif is visible in full-color when the environment is lit. Bright and unprinted parts of your motif shine intensively in the dark. Print your custom motif on luminescent sticker material and make it glow again and again, the luminescence won't suffer. Depending on the intensity of the light source and the duration of the illumination, the lighting time of the sticker may be 1-4 hours.
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Luminescence sticker with digitalprint

New Luminescence sticker with print

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Luminescence sticker with print in custom size. Pale yellow foil loads with UV light and glows after darkening
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