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Sticker "Classic" - DIN formats

Product no.: AKLB-A8-10S
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Product contents

1 package contains:
- Sticker set "Classic" DIN Format
- CMYK digital print
- UV stable and scratch resistant
Sticker "Classic" as sets in DIN format - self-adhesive foil, individually punched on roll

The popular decal "Classic" witch custom print is available in set and in DIN formats.

We produce your sticker cut to seperated pieces in the chosen format. Upload one printing motif and we print your sticker in the selected set size.

The self-adhesive foil "Classic" is an allrounder and is usable for short-term and mid-term promotions indoor and outdoor. It is removable easily up to one year.

A custom format you can set at sticker "Classic" in free format".

Technical details

Used for
Indoor and outdoor for signage, shop window decoration, application on smooth surfaces for promotions, at POS and for advertising
Cut to single pieces in the ordered format.


"dpi" means Dots Per Inch and describes for each product the resolution your print data should have for an ideal result
for example: a value of 600x600dpi concerns to the vertical and horizontal resolution of the print and specifies the quality, which is mostly higher than the data resolution.
Print quality
Digital print, CMYK latex (scratch resistant), 600x600dpi, file resolution max. 150dpi
Print media
Calendered 95µm vinyl foil, detachable, transparent, acrylic-based glue on the backside colored in white, without laminate
Special features
Easily removable up to 1 year
Monomer vinyl
Indoor up to 3 years,
outdoor depends on intensity of solar radiation and place of installation: in average 2 years, in max. 4 years. In extreme cases, e.g. installation on a flat roof 1 year.
Transparent, acrylic
Foil: 95µm
Paper: 125g/m²

good to know

We recommend to apply the adhesive foil by experts and a partial application up to max. 50% of the glass surface. When the sticker foil is applied completly on a glass pane you cause a risk of fracture! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
The print surface can be cleaned detergent-free with a soft cloth and water.
Colour deviation
Here you can find information about colours.

Shipping costs and weight

Weight per unit: 1 kg
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When will my order arrive?

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Production time: 4 days

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General information

Format See artwork guideline
File format PDF / X-3, TIFF, JPG
Bleed 3mm to all sides
Crop or trim marks No
Overprinting deactivation necessary
Image resolution 96 - 150dpi for the final format
Fonts Embedded / converted to paths
Do not use Alpha channels, clipping paths, masks for TIFF / JPG


Color mode CMYK
Color profile ISO Coated v2, Coated Fogra 27
or 39
Spot colors / RGB Will be converted to CMYK
Die cut

Die cut (optional)

Cutting path Closed vector path, alignment: center
Color 100% magenta, spot color, named "CUT"
Bleed 3mm to all sides
Safety distance 5mm inwards
Additional information See artwork guideline and video

Artwork guideline

Artwork guideline & templates

Please read the specification for this product in the artwork guideline when creating your printing files.

Download artwork guideline

Further questions?

Deep black? Gradients? Proof?
Feel free to consult the filehandling for additional information.

Material characteristics

How to create a cutting path


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Weight per unit: 0.1 kg
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Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
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